How long have you been shooting weddings?
~ I began shooting as a professional in 2011, that was the first year I photographed weddings as a Secondary Photographer with other seasoned pros and also began taking on my own wedding clients.  I loved it then and I love it more every season.

How far are you willing to travel?
~ As far as you’re willing to have me go!  I have a passport and a bucket list 😉

What type of gear do you use?
~ I use professional Canon Camera bodies as well as several other pieces of equipment including pro lenses, flashes, off-camera lighting, and more.

How many photos will we receive?
~ The answer to this question varies wedding to wedding. I don’t put a cap on the number of images I deliver, if you’ve allowed for plenty of time to take formal photos, your wedding is detailed, and your guests are having a great time… that will all factor into the number of photos you receive. For a typical 8 hour day you can expect roughly 600 fully edited images in high resolution – ready to be printed. I remove all images with technical flaws (unless it’s a really perfect moment then I might still include a blurry photo), blinking eyes, people talking, as well as shots that may be overly repetitive. You receive all the great stuff that remains!

Do you bring an assistant or a second photographer?
~ Yes, my assistant Julie usually accompanies me. She is a fantastic person who you will love to bits. She makes sure we are on track, that we have all the people we need for family shots (among others), ensures everyone has what they need, and helps me in a billion other little ways. If you’re lucky she may pick up a camera and add some awesome shots to your images – however this is a bonus only if time allows. Julie doesn’t typically stay for the reception unless we’ve travelled a long way for your big day. This will be discussed at your consultation. As for an official second photographer, that depends on how much coverage you would like to have! I work with some amazing, talented photographers who do a fabulous job when called upon. This can also be discussed when the time is right.

Will you help us figure out our timeline?
~ Absolutely, I will help you in any way I can so that you have the best possible experience all day long. I’m not a wedding planner but I’m happy to assist you in creating a schedule that will allow for great photos with minimal stress.

How long does it take for our photos to be delivered?
~ My goal is to get your photos into your hands as fast as I can without compromising editing quality. Typical delivery time is between 4-6 weeks after your big day.

Do we have to purchase the images you take above and beyond the collection rate?
~ No, you pay for my services and that includes the printable image files on a USB or downloadable online gallery. I do offer photo, album, and canvas printing services however you are not obligated to use them. You have my permission to print wherever you so choose, just note that I don’t guarantee quality of the finished products if you print outside my lab.

What is this Unplugged Wedding stuff we keep hearing about?
~ An “Unplugged Wedding” is a ceremony during which the bride and groom request that no photos be taken by guests. We live in an Insta-Culture and everyone wants to grab great shots for their social media accounts. While most people think they’re doing the couple a favour by taking lots of photos during the ceremony, all this technology is becoming a bit of an issue for the professional photographer you’ve hired. Camera and cell phone flashes often interfere with our cameras, we have people holding cameras/phones in the aisle, up in the air, and in front of their beautiful faces, sometimes we even have people shooting right over our shoulders! Not only does this affect the look of your images, you lose the connection with your guests as they experience your wedding through a screen. I do not require that my couples have unplugged ceremonies but I do recommend it 100%. It’s a great way to get awesome photos and some warm fuzzies when you look out on all those happy faces.