Real Life Family Photography


When I first started as a photographer I wanted to capture beautiful, interesting photos for people and I believed that would be achieved through fancy posing and styling.  What I’ve discovered along the way is that my favourite photos are the ones where people forget I’m there and just interact with each other in an authentic way.  My favourite thing in the universe is people watching and learning their stories.  This is what led me into the world of documentary style portraiture!  I decided to begin offering “Real Life Sessions” because I feel that there is so much beauty that we overlook in every day life.  I want to help families, couples, and “tribes” to see how just lovely their little worlds are and how wonderfully precious these fleeting moments can be.  Check out this adorable family to get an idea of the end result!  Still not sure, there are FAQs and more info below:

What the heck is a “Real Life Session” – I don’t really get it?:  Documentary style photography is a completely candid approach to capturing your family’s (or friends) honest moments.  During our “Real Life Sessions” there is absolutely ZERO direction involved and as your photographer I do my best to become part of the crew during my time with you so that you barely notice me snapping photos.  A session usually lasts about 2-3 hours depending on what we’re doing together and how long it takes for your family to relax around my camera.  Rates begin at $675 + hst which includes an artisan slideshow of my favourite images along with a downloadable gallery of 10 High Resolution Images from our time together.  When your images are done we will sit down together to go through your gallery at which point you have the option to purchase additional digital files or fine art prints & albums from the print shop.

But Jen – won’t that mean people see us not looking perfect?:  Possibly!  But real life isn’t always perfect.  I decided to dive into this type of photography because I find the imperfect far more beautiful and honest than posed photos in our Sunday best.  Real life is gritty sometimes but it’s also pretty wonderful.

I don’t know if I want someone taking photos of me when I’m not paying attention.: Well that’s true, you won’t be ready. Heck you might be helping your child go to the potty or kicking back on the couch with your feet up, but guess what – that’s life and it goes by REALLY fast.  Won’t it be amazing to look back on those moments when your kids are big and remember just how little they were?  If this totally not your thing that’s ok – I know tons of amazing photographers who can take some awesome posed photos for you and am happy to refer you!

Ok, so I think this actually sounds pretty cool… what do we wear?:  Honestly – it doesn’t matter.  These are regular, everyday memories that we’re capturing.  Do you normally drive your kids to school in yoga pants and a hoodie, that’s ok!  Do you go to the beach in a floppy hat and one piece, totally ok too :).  Wear whatever you normally would for the activity we plan together!

Yes, I definitely want to do this – but my house is so dark and cramped, do we need to have the session in our home?: Nope – instead let’s do something your family or group likes to do together!  The beach, the zoo, the splash park, maybe even a girls night out = all good opportunities for some awesome interaction & authentic moments.

Eek!!  Let’s do it!!! How do I book our session?!: Just head on over to my contact page – I’m looking forward to hearing from you and answering any lingering questions you might have.  Can’t wait to meet you & your loved ones!