Culling & Editing

Want to get your life back?

As a full-time photographer who loves her clients dearly, I understand how difficult it is to outsource post-processing. The fear of a completely ruined gallery is real – trust me, I’m no stranger to the apprehension you feel! Your photos are your babies, I feel you. My goal is to help you streamline your image selection & editing process so that you can confidently let go of some time-consuming back-end work and spend more time on things that you enjoy! My process is a collaboration with each photographer to nail their specific editing preferences (no, I don’t edit your images with my presets).  You’ll submit your gallery along with your own presets and I’ll take over the straightening/cropping, white balance & exposure correction, highlight & shadow recovery, and general Lightroom corrections.  Please note that retouching & removal of background items is not a service I offer at this time. If you’re still not sure if outsourcing is for you, head to the link below to submit a small test gallery at no charge. If you’re ready to go and/or have sent in a gallery in the past, keep scrolling to complete the order form! I promise to take good care of your babies.

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